City Services

The City of Bradbury strives to provide the very highest level of service to its residents and is very responsive to resident concerns. City staff is committed to serve in a professional, friendly and customer-focused manner. Staff accomplishes this by:

  • Listening to our customers and responding to ideas and concerns.
  • Promoting a "can do" attitude using common sense along with technical/professional knowledge.
  • Seeking to identify creative and innovative approaches to serve our customers.
  • Fostering an open and honest government. Openness promotes competence because it exposes our ideas to review and critique. Openness reflects our commitment to service.
  • Being committed to high professional standards. A professional attitude encourages an objective approach to analyses of issues.
  • Providing information and resources to our customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
  • Striving to make decisions with input from those most likely to be affected.

Customer Service Survey PDF