Encroachment Permits

An Encroachment Permit is required for any work within the public right-of-way (i.e., drive approach, curb and gutter, sidewalk, decorative paving or walkways, or roll-off bin). Any fence, wall, or decorative pillar should be installed on private property, not in the public right-of-way. It is the responsibility of the property owner to provide the engineering survey or other acceptable documents to establish the right-of-way/ property line. The property owner is also responsible for maintaining the landscaping and irrigation within the parkway. The parkway is generally considered as the area between the curb or edge of roadway and the right-of-way/property line.

The City is responsible for the maintenance, planting, or removal of City-owned trees within the parkway. No Encroachment Permit is required for the installation of landscaping and irrigation in the parkway provided that the proposed work is approved by the City Engineer and does not impact the existing trees.

To find out more information on how to obtain an Encroachment Permit, please contact the City Engineer at (909) 594-9702.

An Excavation Permit is required for any work that involves digging or excavation within the public right-of-way.

Call Before You Dig!
(800) 422-4133

Before you or your contractor excavate, grade or dig, State law requires that you call Underground Service Alert of Southern California ("USA" or "Dig Alert") a minimum of 2 working days prior to the start of work. The Dig Alert staff notifies all underground utilities or other owners of equipment in the area that you will be digging. The utilities and owners are required to mark the location of their facilities so that they aren't disturbed by your project.

This one telephone call can protect you against charges associated with repairing or restoring telephone, gas, electrical and water service, which may be damaged during the excavation.

The Dig Alert telephone number for our area is (800) 422-4133.

If you would like additional information regarding the program, visit www.digalert.org