Be an Eco-Friendly Equestrian

Bradbury is an active horse community can help protect the environment through its daily  practices. Rain water and/or irrigation runoff mixed with pollutants creates urban runoff pollution. This flows to the ocean through our canyons, creeks, and storm drain system and contaminates our marine environment and, in turn, human health in the process. Animal waste contributes to urban runoff when it is improperly stored near canyons and storm drains. Proper equestrian management aids in the decrease of urban runoff’s harmful effects.

Waste Collection & Storage

Collect soiled bedding and manure on a daily basis from stalls and paddocks and place in sturdy, insect resistant, and seepage free units such as hauler-provided storage containers, fly-tight wooden or concrete storage sheds, and compost bins. Also, indoor feeding keeps more manure under roof and away from runoff during heavy rainfall.

Manure Use and Disposal

Manure must be hauled away weekly or fully composted in proper containers. Burrtec offers residents of Bradbury manure recycling pickup services. Call Burrtec Customer Service at (800) 325-9417 for more information. Also, composting manure is a beneficial option. Fully composted manure is an excellent fertilizer for lawns and gardens providing a gradual release of nutrients without burning. In addition, this compost may be donated to local greenhouses, nurseries, and botanical parks.


Facilities Design

Equestrian facilities can be designed to minimize water quality impacts:

  • Install gutters to divert runoff away from livestock areas.
  • Cover manure storage facilities to protect from rainfall and surface runoff.
  • Site barns, corrals, and other high use areas to drain away from the nearest creek or stream.
  • Design diversion terraces with sufficient vegetation to intercept and filter the flow from livestock areas and corrals. Utilize fencing to keep horses away from environmentally sensitive areas and streams.