treesThe City’s trees are an important natural resource, which contribute to the environment by modifying temperatures and winds, replenishing oxygen, controlling soil erosion, and providing a wildlife habitat.  Trees are also an aesthetic benefit, which provide scale, color, aroma, visual buffers between land uses, and increase property value.

In an effort to protect this valuable resource the Bradbury Development Code, Chapter 118 —Tree Preservation and Protection, provides regulations for the placement, maintenance, and removal of trees including the requirement of tree preservation plans for new developments in the City.

Some specific regulations are as follows:

No tree may be removed without first obtaining a permit, at no cost, from the City Manager. Permits for the removal of prominent, native and orchard trees may be issued with conditions and are subject to appeal to the Planning Commission.  There are no appeal provisions for permits issued for the removal of nuisance, dead or diseased trees.  The permit application can be found below:

Any person responsible for the illegal removal of a tree shall be required to restore the tree by replanting a tree of equal size, significance, and prominence.

Seriously diseased or dead trees are to be treated or removed to prevent the spread of disease to trees on adjoining properties.

A tree preservation and planting plan shall be submitted to the City Planning Commission for approval in connection with any development application.  Removal of any prominent and/or significant trees as part of a development project requires approval of the Planning Commission.  By requiring a tree preservation plan, the City can take all reasonable measures to insure that new trees are located in a manner which will promote an orderly and attractive development, as well as preserve the existing trees.

For further information regarding this Ordinance, or to request a permit, please contact City Hall at (626) 358-3218 or by email